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The rollers are an integral part of the base ring and so cannot be added to a standard swopper at a later date.

Dynamic backrest

The convex shape of the seat and the special CARE cover provide optimum sitting comfort.

Swopping What is it?


The "swopper", an entirely new sit-down element lets you sway in all directions and merrily bounce up and down. Your freedom of motion is unlimited. You automatically assume an upright posture that prevents the lack of movement associated with performing sit-down work in one place.

Swopping - How it's done

Everybody who likes to move can swop, even while sitting down. Not all backs are equally well trained. That is why you should give your muscles time to get used to this new mobility while you are sitting. We recommend that you start with two hours of swopping per day, and then slowly progress to active and dynamic sitting all day. Those who are infirm or handicapped should select the "swopper's" most rigid setting.

What you need to know...


Sit down in the correct position

The base ring opening is in the front. Both your legs must stand on the floor. The spring strut's lower rubber bumper must rest on the floor. (We are not liable for improper usage!)

The "swopper" is easily adjustable to individual needs. Simply try it out and see what feels most comfortable for you.

There are the following settings:


Height adjustment

Right below the coloured upholstered seat there is a handle that makes it easy to use the gas-operated compression spring to select the seat height that is best for you. We recommend that you select the height so that your feet rest flat on the floor and your knees are located a small distance below your hips.


Adjusting the spring rigidity

You can individually adjust the spring's rigidity by turning the sleeve below the spiral spring. The optimal setting is dependent on weight. The less you weigh, the more favourable it is to select a setting that is as soft as possible. Lightweights should turn the sleeve in the direction of the "minus (-)" sign towards the number 1 on the scale. If that setting is too soft for you, turn the sleeve to the left accordingly (+). You should always be able to spring up and down without sitting down hard while you are swaying. You should experiment to see how much you want to sway. Select the spring setting so that you really enjoy swopping.


Adjusting horizontal mobility

If you want more stability or softer swaying as well, tilt the"swopper" over on its side and turn the hand wheel located at the lowest end of the strut. To increase mobility, turn the wheel to the left in the direction of the "plus (+)" sign. To decrease mobility, turn the wheel in the direction of the "minus (-)" sign.

Adjusting the swopper's spring rigidity




Adjusting the &quot;swopper's&quot horizontal rigidity;



You can clean the upholstered parts with commercially available upholstery cleaning products. All plastic parts can be kept clean with mild or diluted household cleaners. The high-quality Ecopell Nappa leather does not need a lot of maintenance. You should occasionally remove dust and loose dirt with a soft dry cloth or a damp cloth. The leather should be treated with a suitable conditioner every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on usage.

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