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Design, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1917
Cherry wood dinning table in two sizes.


 Design & quality caution on this product !
  Our classics are made in Italy to the same designs and to even higher 
 standards then the originals, as technology have improved over the years, 
 all parts used are 100% made in Italy.

 When buying Bauhaus classics, you should demand to know country of
 origin, if a company does not market there product as Made In Italy, be
 sure they are not, some companies only assemble there furniture in Italy
 importing parts from other countries, that is not Made in Italy.

 Some online companies are even using the same photos, Article (Art)
 codes and leather codes to try to confuse our customers, please feel free
 to give us a ring if you have any questions.

 ("Italian leather" or "from Italy" does not mean Made in Italy and as
 an example, "Italian Pizza Direct" does not mean that the Pizza is made
 in Italy, do not get fouled, people will always try to confuse).


TABLE small    L257xH74XW106

TABLE large    L280xH74xW106

Below price quotations include VAT & delivery within the United Kingdom and Europe*

Dining table Art.T/484.257 Cherry,

257cm in Cherry wood


Normal price


Dining table Art.T/484.280 Cherry,

280cm in Cherry wood


Normal price


* Terms & conditions


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