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 Head & footboard
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Can be ordered as
storage bed
On request

The Raphael four poster double bed can be ordered with head and footboard only "see small photo above" , it can "on request" also be ordered as an ottoman bed allowing you to make use of the space underneath the bed as storage . Raphael is shown above with the Luisa beds side lamps, Aladino night table and Nina bench, all available to order from us, please ring for prices.

Code Model / Finish


Measurements (cm)

Mattress size

0226.46.02 Raphael four poster bed  150 or 160  2,079.00 W167 D214 H213 150 or 160 X 190/200cm

0226.48.02 Raphael four poster bed 180 2,289.00 W187 D214 H213

180 X 200cm

0226.16.02 Raphael  bed 150 or 160  1,391.00 W167 D214 H120 150 or 160 X 190/200cm

0253.18.66 Raphael bed 180 1,601.00 W187 D214 H120

180 X 200cm

014 Storage bed Add 40%

015 No foot-board Discount 25%

Above prices include VAT and delivery with in the United Kingdom


Standard finishes are shown below, further colours are available on request. ( See finishes and colours )

Antique Iron effect no. 53
(Prices quoted above)
Antique blue no. 25
(Add 8% to the above prices)

Iron  no. 92
(Prices quoted above)
Satin white no. 02
(Prices quoted above)

Antique white  no. 56
(Add 8% to the above prices)
Off white  no. 56
(Prices quoted above)

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